Episode 1 - Valentine Avoh (Wedding designer) "Persevere, move forward and above all launch yourself".



Hello everyone, 

Today, I have the pleasure to meet Valentine Avoh, wedding dress designer.

Valentine offers light wedding dresses in the spirit of Haute Couture, combining surprising details and timeless cuts. This up-and-coming designer has quietly but obviously made her mark on a market in full revolution.
Passionate, creative and determined, Valentine has created a world of her own.

What I don't see is that Valentine is my sister in adventure. I have been very lucky to cross her path, to share with her since our beginnings, for so many years, moments that only a creator can understand, that only a friend can help you to de-dramatise or appreciate at their true value.

You will understand it through this first episode, Valentine has this rare power and strength of character that defies the laws of time. While others are running, she takes her time to sublimate women and create wonders with her hands. She is proof that you can start from nothing, on a very small scale, stay true to yourself, take your time and achieve while enjoying the journey.

Enjoy your listening. 

To discover the world of Valentine : www.valentineavoh.com or Instagram @valentineavoh


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