Episode 10 🇬🇧 - Noella Coursaris (NGO Malaïka's Director & public figure) - "Keep pushing boundaries"


Hello everyone, 

In this episode 10 (in English), I met Noella Coursaris Musunka, a woman of influence, founder of the Foundation Malaika, a nonprofit grassroots organization that empowers Congolese girls and their communities through education and health programs. Today, Malaika’s projects are impacting thousands of lives in the community of Kalebuka. 

Alongside being a mother to two young children, Noella is a strong advocate for girls’ education, she uses her voice whenever she can in front of international audiences to have a positive impact. She was even was named one of ELLE’s incredible women shaping Africa, one of the Lifestyles’ most powerful women in philanthropy, and one of the BBC’s most inspirational and influential women.  

Noëlla was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to a Cypriot father and a Congolese mother. When Noëlla was just five, her family suffered a terrible tragedy when her father suddenly died. With no education or financial resources, Noëlla's mother could no longer support her. So only months after losing her father she lost her mother too when she was sent to live with relatives in Belgium and, later, Switzerland. 

13-year later, Noëlla finally returned to her homeland to meet her mother.  Witnessing firsthand the poverty and lack of opportunity for women in the country, she promised herself that she would one day make a 

It was a pleasure to learn from this strong and impactful thought leader & voice. I hope you will enjoy it.  

Enjoyr your listening. 

To discover more about Noella's work, foundation and  latest news --> click hee   Official website

On Instagram: @noellecoursaris  and @malaikadrc


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