Episode 12 - Linda Champenois (Wedding & Floral designer) - "Listen to yourself"



Dear Tribe,

In this episode recorded at a distance, I meet Linda Champenois, Wedding & Floral designer based in Paris, artistic director of the studio she has just created but also Business Consultant for creative companies.

You will understand when you listen to her, Linda is a woman of many talents and resources. She emanates the strength, mixed with benevolence, of those women who take things in hand, and in contact with whom you feel, you know, that you can trust them completely and rely on her.

In conversation, Linda tells us how she went from a career in finance to her passion for designing & decorating flowers in the wedding world, how she invested herself in a job that made sense to her, where she could finally let her creativity flow. Another exciting episode that transforms you and brings you back to basics.


Enjoy your listening.


Don't hesitate to discover her universe, on her official website or through her social networks: 

Official website: www.lindachampenois.com

Instagram account : @lindachampenoiswedding 

Pinterest account :  Linda Champenois


The music is signed Théo Darcel


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