Episode 14 🇬🇧 - Caroline Issa (Editor in Chief of Tank Magazine) - "Feel you've made a difference to open up someone's perspective"



Dear Tribe,  

In this episode 14 (in English), I have the pleasure to chat with Caroline Issa, Magazine Publisher and consultant.

Caroline has built a very impressive CV over her celebrated career. For 18 years now, she co-led Tank as a chief executive and fashion director. The former management consultant describes herself as "a businesswoman and a Storyteller who loves fashion".

She is the editor in chief of Because London. She contributes to the Telegraph and many other very respected publications on a regular basis. She has created clothing lines with Nordstorm and a label mix jewelry with Monica Vinader and collaborated with the likes of Salvatore Ferragamo, Cartier, TOD’s, Christian Lacroix, Swarovski and a lot of major luxury brands in campaigns and communications.

Listed among the BoF500 list, she is said to be one of the most exciting and inspirational professionals working in the industry.

I was lucky to meet her in person 5 years ago when I started the brand YEBA and will never forget the great advice she gave me then, that still apply today. She’s a true inspiration, kind & generous person, her insights and words definitively change you, making her one of the greatest Storyteller I know.

I loved our conversation and I hope you will have a great time too listening to her...

Enjoy your listening. 


Discover more about her and Tank Magazine below:

Tank Magazine

Because London

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