Episode 15- Inna Modja (Activist, Singer-songwriter) - "Being in harmony with yourself"



Hello everyone, 

In this episode, I meet the amazing Inna Modja, a committed woman, versatile artist, author & composer, singer, actress and above all activist. Born in Bamako, Mali, Inna is the sixth child in a family of seven children. She was immersed in the musical atmosphere of Ray Charles, Otis Redding and Ella Fitzgerald, while her older brothers listened to the more modern sounds of punk rock and rap from the 90s. Launched at the age of 15 by the singer Salif Keita who was convinced of her talent and invited her to join the Rail Band in Bamako. Once in Paris, she explored her music in an eclectic way until she made the beautiful career that we know today... for having met her public everywhere in the world, on the 5 continents.

Inna, as you will quickly understand, is a strong personality, and has always been. Curious and stubborn, she follows her heart and does as she pleases no matter what others think. And that's Inna's strength, to stay true to herself, to her convictions, to put her determination at the service of her beliefs which are notably to work for the rights of women and little girls (excised like her or victims of violence), to put her voice at the service of equal opportunities & to work for the climate. As sweet as she is caring, eclectic in art, serious & fun in life, she is charged with the passion that burns in the hearts of those women who have everything in her to save the world. I loved interviewing her and I hope you enjoy listening to her as much. So I'll leave you to our conversation. 

Enjoy your listening.

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---> To be seen: the next film The Great Green Wall 🌱 (Released on 22 June in France):  


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