Episode 16 - Flora Coquerel (Influencer & Co-founder of The Kelina Association) - "Dare"


Dear Tribe, 

In this episode 16, I take you to meet the sublime Flora Coquerel - former Miss France 2014 and co-founder of The Kelina Association.

At just 19 years old, Flora was thrust into the limelight by being crowned Miss France. At the end of an incredible year, however, she decided to use this fame and all the attention she was receiving to do good and, together with her parents, to carry out a humanitarian project in Benin, the Kelina Association, the aim of which is to build a maternity hospital in a remote region of Benin. Beninese by her mother, she is an example of the most beautiful aspect of mixed race; the pride of her origins and the double culture that live and coexist with great harmony are impressive.

She talks to us about her career path, self-confidence, giving meaning to what she does on a daily basis and, above all, her way of approaching the opportunities that come her way with the conviction that nothing is impossible. For her, the essential thing is to dare!  Discover how.  

Enjoy your listening.

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