Episode 17 - Marie Guérin (Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Belgium) - "Find balance"



Dear Tribe, 

In this episode, I go back to my roots by meeting Marie Guérin, editor-in-chief of ELLE Belgium

Marie Guérin, when I started out, was this young, smiling, creative & authentic journalist who had a rather enthusiastic look on her face when I first presented my collection to fashion journalists. I remember it like it was yesterday. I am delighted to find her in the coveted role of Editor-in-Chief of a magazine as widely read and unavoidable as ELLE Belgium, which has made careers and launched important societal revolutions. It was a real pleasure to talk to Marie about her experience in a fashion editorial office, to understand what it was like to take up the post and above all to discover her collaborative spirit and the notion of sisterhood that carries her through every day. Her strength is her simplicity... Discover in this episode why it is essential for her to be in balance. 

 Enjoy your listening. 

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