Episode 18 🇬🇧 - Tamu McPherson (Editor in Chief of All The Pretty Birds) - "Be true to yourself and considerate of others"



Dear Tribe, 

In this episode 18 (in English), we head to Milan to discuss with Tamu McPherson.

Tamu is one of these amazing fashion icons I started to follow when street styling became something huge back in 2006. Born in Jamaica. Raised in New York. She moved to Milan to pursue her dreams made of love & fashion.  
What I loved the most about her is that she has always had this ability to move her career with the changing times and her evolving passion – from a lawyer in finance to super-blogger – to street style editorial icon then Editor in Chief of Grazia.it and many more. It’s obvious she’s not afraid of taking new challenges and learn along the way. Today, she’s using her voice across all her platforms, especially with All The Pretty Bird blog, to support her community. She describes herself as a lion, distracted daydreamer, and simply a plain human. I loved interviewing her and I hope you will enjoy our conversation. 

Enjoy your listening.  

Discover more about her on her platform :  All The Pretty Birds 


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