Episode 19 - Clara Moley (Coach for women leaders) - "Staying focused on what you want"



Dear Tribe, 

In this episode, I welcome Clara Moley, author of the book and creator of the podcast "The Rules of the Game".

In 2013, she became a commodities trader in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the first woman to hold this position in her market... As she became aware of the difficulty of being a woman in a professional world that is governed by rules dictated by men, she eventually adapted, understanding the rules that make the difference. In this busy month of September for all of us, I said to myself: Who better than a woman who has succeeded in creating a real breach in this famous glass ceiling, freeing herself at the same time from her impostor and good student syndromes, to help us start this new school year with the right mindset and the right cards in hand.

 As Clara says: Work is not school. It has its own rules. I invite you to discover them, and through this fascinating exchange we had. I'll leave you with our conversation. 

Enjoy your listening. 

To learn more about the Rules of the Game, please visit our website: www.claramoley.com/. 


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