Episode 2 - Catherine Bils (Architect & serial entrepreneur) - "follow your instinct, trust yourself"



Hello everyone, 

 In this episode, I meet Catherine Bils... probably the most artistic of my friends. Catherine is an architect, but not only that... She is above all a free and determined spirit, who multiplies lives, and wants to be the architect of her own life.

Deeply aligned, she seems to be a perfect mix between impetuosity & wisdom.

We'll talk about her 'apparent' ease in creating and reinventing herself .... and try to understand how - thanks to her entrepreneurial and creative spirit - she manages to tackle new challenges, overcome her doubts and achieve her goals...while preserving the precious freedom that is hers.

Listening to her, everything seems possible... and seeing her, you get the feeling that it really is.

Listening to Catherine fills you with confidence and shows you that it is up to you to draw the lines of the life that suits you, yourself...whatever others think.

Enjoy your listening. 

Her Universe  : www.kroppstudio.com

The place where you can meet her: Instagram @_kropp_


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