Episode 21 - NGO Wanignon (Co-founders) - "Love and Share"


Dear Tribe, 

In this episode #21, the first of season 2 of l'Essentiel, I am very happy to meet Nadège Zohou Assouma & Elvire Houede, who are part of the 5 WonderWomen who run Wanignon.

Wanignon Enfance is the NGO we joined to have a positive impact and contribute to improving the lives of others, especially in Benin, my native country. Wanignon is working to give disadvantaged children access to a proper education.

Thanks to you, we were able to donate €1,700 to the association with the "Story of Freedom" campaign. For each bag sold, we have enabled one or two children to benefit from a school kit with all the necessary material to ensure a school year and avoid dropping out. We will therefore be able to offer more than a hundred children, often little girls who are brilliant at school, the opportunity to progress in their education and build a future.

Behind Wanignon, there are determined women who want to change things. There are also smiles and children's dreams that are growing.
I am therefore very proud to introduce them to you through this friendly and inspiring conversation.

Enjoy your listening. 


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