Episode 22 - Emilie Duchêne (Founder of Thea Jewelry) - "Helping each other"



Dear Tribe, 

 In this episode #22, I meet my friend Emilie Duchêne, founder of the Théa Jewelry brand. A mother of 3, Emilie is an entrepreneur at heart, a true go-getter who constantly surfs outside her comfort zone with an agility that has always impressed and baffled me. This year, her custom jewellery brand, Théa, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. She tells us about the whole adventure, with a lot of sincerity: the highs, the lows and all that she has learned and taken away from this experience rich in twists and turns.

Her strength is her ability to create links, to reach out to others and to share.

As for me, I met Emilie almost 10 years ago when the idea of launching Théa was taking shape. "She was the head of communication for two fashion houses and one of the most read blogs at the time. She didn't hesitate to give me a chance. My first concrete steps towards fashion were made a bit through her contact.

Thank you Emilie for this episode. Thank you for teaching us to release the pressure, not to hesitate and to remain aligned at all times.

Enjoy your listening. 


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