Episode 23 - Marie Robert (Philosopher & Author) - "Love"



Hello everyone, 

 Today, it is with particular emotion and joy that I welcome Marie Robert, philosopher, author and entrepreneur, founder of two Montessori schools, among other things.

I discovered Marie at the heart of the confinement in April 2020. 2020, the year that changed our lives. By watching Marie's live philo-cafés, by reading her daily posts full of wisdom on her instagram page @Philosphyissexy, by listening to her podcast of the same name which tackles themes such as audacity, courage, love, identity, gentleness, meaning .... Thanks to Marie, I have found strength, desire, meaning in everything I do.

Generous, caring and compassionate, Marie is the inspiring and touching philosopher, the teacher of literature and philosophy that we all dreamed of having in high school. She is that friend who reassures us and wraps us in her gentleness, inviting us to take a step aside and question ourselves. I learn every day from her.

You will love her.

Enjoy your listening.

Discover all her news on : https://www.philosophyissexy.fr

Her Instagram account :  

Her books published by Flammarion : 

- "Kant tu ne sais plus quoi faire, il y a la philo",

- "Descartes pour les jours de doute" et  son dernier", 

- "Le voyage de Pénélope. Une odyssée de la pensée, sorti dernièrement aux éditions Flammarion que je vous invite à lire et relire". 


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