Episode 25 🇬🇧 - Astrid Regout (Managing Director of Rue Blanche) - "Keep positive"



Dear Tribe,

In this episode 25 (in English), we stay in Brussels, where I meet Astrid Regout. It was such a pleasure to take the time and listen to this spontaneous, enthusiastic, positive and driven woman. 

 Astrid was only 30 when she became Managing Director of Rue Blanche, the beautiful contemporary ready to wear brand,  well-known for almost three decades in the Belgian landscape. They have nine stores and a webshop, but also some retailer all over the world. 

Together with her sister Aude, they are running the family business founded by their mother. Life as an entrepreneur, a leader at such a young age is not always easy, especially when you commit yourself to take care of your family's legacy. It was so interesting getting to know Astrid and understanding through her wise words how taking responsibilities and staying positive can lead you to fantastic and sometimes unexpected positive outcomes.  A beautiful and generous conversation to discover.

Enjoy your listening.

Some interesting links to learn more about Astrid & Rue Blanche

Her official website : Official website

Her IG account : Rue Blanche IG account 

Her second IG account : Aude & Astrid IG account


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