Episode 26 - Karelle Vignon Vullierme (Food blogger) - "Being happy"



Dear Tribe, 

 In this episode #26, I invite you to Dakar, Senegal, where I had the great opportunity to share a joyful, sunny and unique moment with the incredible Karelle Vignon Vullierme.

Karelle is a Beninese sister, born in France and settled in Dakar with her family after a short period in Canada during her studies.

She originally started out as a journalist, but it was with her blog - Les gourmandises Karelle - that a life full of creativity and encounters began. In just a few years, she has become a woman of influence who radiates positivity to her entire community with her recipes that take us on a journey.

I thought that with Karelle who has a huge community attached to her like a family, that she could teach us two or three things to build our online presence with as much authenticity. She reveals the secrets of her success, in which her personality, her generosity, her humanity, her humility and her touch of madness played a big role.

A very relaxed episode that I hope will bring you the smile & the zest that we so desperately need right now. One thing is for sure, I laughed a lot (as much as in episode 3)

Enjoy your listening.  

Some links to discover Karelle's universe:

Her Blog :  Les gourmandises de Karelle 

Her IG account : @karellevv


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