Episode 28 - Freddie Harrel (Founder of Radswan) - " To vibrate"



Dear Tribe, 

In this episode 28, I have the great pleasure of chatting with Freddie Harrel from London.

Freddie is now an entrepreneur and founder of the RadSwan brand, which offers women of the African diaspora hair products made with intention and care to make them look great - effortlessly. French in London, she tells us about her journey to find herself - from her first experience in Finance in La Défense in Paris, through her love for digital, personal development, self-confidence, fashion, her blog which has become an account followed by hundreds of thousands of fans as attached to her and smiling as a sister.

Today, Freddie is CEO of a start-up for which she managed to raise $2 million. A stunning woman hidden underneath far too much modesty and humility. At the time of recording, Freddie was pregnant and almost full term... Yet, it is with great gentleness and taking her time that she teaches us why it is important for her to "vibrate".

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Enjoy your listening. 

To follow Freddie's news, go to :

Her official website :  site Officiel de Radswan 

Her IG account :  @freddieharrel


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