Episode 29 - Gwen Simon (Founder of Kaki Cake Bar) - "Make decisions in line with your goals"



Dear Tribe, 

In this episode #29, I went to Kaki, an Asian-influenced cake bar in Brussels, to meet Gwen Simon, a young entrepreneur who is as gentle as she is determined, and who is driven by the sacred fire of entrepreneurship... that sacred fire that you can see in the eyes of those entrepreneurs who have it in their nature, and who will succeed no matter what. 

I met Gwen in my quality of start-up coach, when her project was still at the stage of a concept, an idea. I am now very proud to find her in the place she has dreamed of and finally realised in the most beautiful way. Stronger and more aligned than ever, it is with great maturity, at barely 25 years old, that she talks to us about her beginnings, her ambition, benevolence, self-confidence and abundance.

 With Gwen, I am taking up these episodes "dedicated to the new generation, these young women who are at the very beginning of their adventure, whose ambition is pure and whose dreams are big. A fresh wind, a reminder of the roots, an invitation to remain optimistic.

I hope that listening to it will instil in you this energy of the beginnings, which is so precious and which makes it possible to move mountains.

Enjoy your listening. 

To discover all about Gwen's universe and her project, go to

Kaki's website: https://kakicakebar.be

Her Instagram account :  @kaki.cakebar


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