Episode 3 - Farah (Comedian) - "having fun"



Hello everyone, 

In this episode, I meet up with the talented comedian Farah.

I'd better tell you right away, you're going to laugh a lot or you're just going to enjoy it. But it would be a shame not to go all the way through this episode, because it transforms you, it shakes you up, it opens your heart.

Farah is above all the revelation of the Belgian and French comedy scene. She's the one who's been sweeping up all the awards in her path for the last three years, ever since her sacred fire was lit on stage, setting everything on fire in her path. As committed as she is sharp, her humour tracks down injustices and works to move the lines and change mentalities.

From finance to stand-up, her dream came true... She lives it today with humility and great generosity. In this episode, Farah explains her beginnings, her challenges and her shift. She has this extraordinary talent to shake you up and disarm you completely...and above all, to inspire you that life is much more intense and beautiful when you let your talent explode and you finally decide to make your dreams come true.

 Enjoy your listening.

If you get the chance, don't miss this supernova and take the time to see her on stage. Find all her news on her page www.farah-officiel.com.  

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