Episode 30 - Andrea Veka (Stylist - founder of The Styling office) - "Believe"


Dear Tribe, 

This is a very special episode to my heart, very touching. I recorded it with Andréa Veka, the brand's stylist, but above all, the extraordinary young woman who has always been by my side, and who has given me, through her light, her benevolence, her kindness, a lot of strength to give life to my ideas.

At just 25 years old, she has just launched her own styling office: The Styling Office, thus making a dream she has always had come true.

I am immensely proud of her... and it is with a special emotion that I invite you to discover her journey; the journey of a self-taught woman who has succeeded in creating the job of her dreams, the place she has long sought for herself and the platform that today seems to be revolutionising the creative approach to styling.

Deeply human, she is a beautiful person as one rarely meets. ... and as it is often the case with people who are close to you, this conversation was full of laughter, tears at times, and of course revelations...
I invite the whole tribe to support her, to carry her and to share the news: a great talent has just established its quarters and the wind is already blowing her name.

One thing is certain, her listening skills, her mad talent, her passion and her deep desire to help others will take her far. That's all we wish her.

Enjoy listening.

To find out all about her news: www.thestylingoffice.com



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