Episode 31 🇬🇧 - Jennifer Elliot (Founder of Elliot & Ostrich jewellery) - "Follow your intuition"


Dear Tribe, 

In this episode 31 (in English), In am very happy to have an inspiring conversation with Jennifer Elliot, founder of Elliot & Ostrich the jewellery brand.

Jennifer has two master degrees in Law and a MBA in Business until she realised Marketing was her true natural talent. Her determination from a very young age and positive driven personality always led her to take the most challenging options.

We discussed her deep sense of purpose and the long pursuit it has been before she actually found it and embraced

Listening to Jennifer reminds us how important it is in life to stay true to ourselves, to give ourselves the chance to explore, as much as possible until we find the perfect alignment that brings meaning in anything we’re doing.

During this episode, we talked about everything, but the meaning of the Ostrich. 

The Ostrich is known as the bringer of vision and dreams; a symbol of awakenings, positivity, femininity, empowerment and authenticity, … as many values that reflect her life mission. I loved interviewing her and I hope you will enjoy this conversation too. 

Enjoy your listening. 

Discover everything about Jennifer and her brand: 

Her official website :  Elliot & Ostrich

Her IG account :  @elliotostrichjewellery

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