Episode 34 - Marina Dessi (Founder of MEA AYAYA) - "Listening to your little voice"



Dear Tribe, 

In this episode 34, I invite you to Sardinia, to meet Marina, a 26-year-old entrepreneur and creator of MEA AYAYA, the beautiful brand of goldsmith's jewellery in filigree that is so overwhelmingly sincere and committed.

MEA AYAYA in Sardinian means: my grandmother.

Two words full of love that contain the story of an ineffable bond between a grandmother and her granddaughter. The link between them ? A ring in filigree, the wedding ring that her grandmother transmitted to her before her death, like any treasure full of meaning for Marina, which allows her to find her way.

This episode is a jewel. I can't tell you what touched me the most in our exchange, so much so that I had the impression of seeing golden threads being woven between us, as beautiful and solid as the values of transmission, family & heritage that she and I share... I loved talking to this passionate, determined young woman, this force of nature, that nothing seems to be able to stop, guided by passion and the desire to surpass herself.

Despite her young age, Marina seems to have lived several lives before finding herself and finding meaning. She explains to us why the most important thing for her is to listen to her little voice and how she left behind a career in Paris to get closer to her island by creating Mea Ayaya, her brand of jewellery made of Sardinian filigree, an ancestral craft technique that was slowly disappearing.

Enjoy your listening.

To discover her universe, do not hesitate to visit: 

Her official website MEA AYAYA  

Her Instagram account  @mea.ayaya


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