Episode 36 - Marianna Szeib (Entrepreneur & Life Coach) - "Listening and being yourself"




Dear Tribe,

I am extremely happy to see you again for a new season. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful year 2022 full of health, joy and exciting projects.

In this episode 36 which opens season 3, I meet Marianna Zseib; Life Coach for Women Entrepreneurs (specialised in Life Switch - Self Esteem - Business), founder of @facetofaceparis and author of the Women Empowerment School Podcast.

I met Marianna just 3 months ago at a really key moment/ I got to know her through the episode we recorded. There was something about her that resonated with me. Immediately, we started a coaching session that transformed me and gave me incredible life keys.

I talk about it on her podcast where I had the great pleasure to share my experience
(episode 40 - The power of coaching) available on ApplePodcast and Spotify.

As you can understand, I am very happy to come back with an episode that is a jewel, a gift to start this new year.

Enjoy your listening.

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