Episode 37- Charlotte Duthoit (Founder of Legado) - "Finding the balance"




Hello everyone, 

In this episode, I invite you to Paris to meet Charlotte Duthoit - creator of the Legado brand.

Charlotte is living in Paris at the moment but part of her has never been able to part with her from her native country, Mexico. After living in Mexico for 10 years and working for Hermès, Charlotte decided to return to be with her family.

However, it is this project, which has its roots in Mexico and which lived in her heart that finally led her to the path of virtuous entrepreneurship; always fascinated by the ancestral Mexican know-how and convinced that handcrafted pieces have a soul in addition to telling a story.

She founded Legado - which means heritage - in order to promote these ancestral skills and to participate in the preservation of what has been handed down from generation to generation through an ethical and responsible approach by collaborating directly with the craftswomen of the indigenous communities.

It was this podcast that brought Charlotte to me, but it was her world and her kindness that made me want to introduce her to you. She is a quiet force who traces her path with an admirable ethic, which I am sure will inspire you. The most important thing for Charlotte is to find the balance between her professional and personal life for a meaningful life.

Enjoy your listening.


To discover the world of Legado, it is here:

Official website  : https://legado-shop.com

Instagram account :  @legado.shop 



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