Episode 38 - Jennifer Kolomoni Bambi (Stylist & Fashion consultant) - "Have confidence and believe in yourself"



Dear Tribe,

In this episode 38 (in English), I am delighted to introduce you to Jennifer Komomoni Jambi a Belgian-Congolese stylist, fashion consultant and creative director based in Dubai, and also a dear friend.

 I was introduced to Jennifer last year when I relaunched the brand. Anaïs, her close friend, told me: "you should call Jennifer. She is a rising star in Dubaï, and I'm sure she'll be happy to support your brand and give you some advice". Jennifer's been more than that. We stayed in touch and often called each other, sending positive thoughts and vibes to one. She immediately joined the tribe and shared her light with us.

Her journey in the pursuit of her dream has been a hero journey, full of ups and downs. But this lady is a phoenix, a firm believer, a manifester who seems always to find her way through life. Today, she is working with major brands like Chanel or Dior, creating editorials for prestigious Fashion Magazines, styling celebrities like Alycia Keys, Laureen Hill and many more and launching side projects. This episode is rich, deep. It changes you. It shows you that everything is in your hands. I hope you will appreciate it as much as I loved recording it. 

Enjoy your listening.


Discover more about Jennifer on Instagram: @bambikoko



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