Episode 39 - Nina Baka (Personal Financial Management Consultant) - "Being aligned with your values"


Hello everyone, 

In this episode 39, I welcome Nina BAKA, personal finance consultant and founder of Ninafinance.

This woman of Togolese origin with a strong temperament and a strong ambition accompanies, in more than 15 countries, individuals and entrepreneurs who wish to understand their relationship with money, to earn more of it, to learn how to save it efficiently and to know how to invest it intelligently in order to put it at the service of their life project.

Her goal (and her fight against sickle cell disease will not stop her) is to help women in particular to acquire a good financial education so that they can be autonomous and informed in their decision-making.

In addition to gaining financial peace of mind, her clients can start building generational wealth.

I am happy to welcome for the first time such a profile that talks about the taboo subject of money! Our relationship with money, which is one of the most important keys to success, or that sense of accomplishment we all deserve. Discover why the most important thing for her is to be in alignment with her values. 

Enjoy your listening.

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