Episode 4 - Ramona Wilmes (Entrepreneur, Founder of Monawie) - "Finding yourself"



Hello everyone, 

In this episode I meet Ramona Wilmes, founder of the MonaWie Brand.

In the world in which I have evolved, Romana is the face of absolute success. She has an impeccable track record in the world of high-flying finance, starting out in London at JP Morgan, completing an MBA at INSEAD, one of the most prestigious schools in the world, and storming the world of private equity before being named to the 40 under 40 list of the most influential figures in finance.

However, although she has reached the top of her art, having nothing left to prove to herself or to anyone else, she decides to pursue a path that brings her back to a meaningful path by founding MONA WIE, her brand of ready-to-wear - Luxury & Ethical.

During this meeting, Ramona tells us with a lot of sincerity about her journey, this path from excellence to freedom and commitment with her brand, what it meant to launch herself...
I loved talking to this friend, this brilliant & human woman, with a natural elegance that captivates you, I hope you will enjoy discovering her story.

Enjoy your listening. 

To discover the world of Ramona and her beautiful brand MONA WIE, it's here https://monawie.be or on Instagram @mona_wie_official... You can follow her personally on LinkedIn as well.


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