Episode 6 - Jenny Chammas (MasterCoach of Ambitious Leaders) - "Believing in yourself"



Dear Tribe, 

 In this episode, I have the chance to chat with Jenny Chammas, this amazing certified life coach who I feel like I've known for months as I'm a big fan of her podcast Femme & Ambitieuse which supports female leaders, managers and entrepreneurs in their personal and professional development.

It seemed essential to me in these strange times of confinement, when many of us are questioning our lives, the aftermath and how to prepare for it, to ask her advice.

I loved talking with the coach, but above all with the woman, the manager, the entrepreneur, to discover the career of this graduate of Science Po & the IFM, the French Fashion Institute, who decided to leave behind an international management career of more than 10 years in the fashion sector to launch herself into coaching, to help women realise their ambitions, to change the world & to blossom in doing so. A shift that she tells us about with such sincerity and pragmatism.

Enjoy your listening. 

To find out more about Jenny, you can visit

Her website :  COACHAPPY

Her Instagram account : @coachappy_jenny

Jenny also told us about the podcast de Brook Castillo, which led to this change in her life and her programme The Life Coach School 


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