Episode 7 - Amalyah (Artist, Singer, Songwriter) "Surround yourself well"




Hello everyone, 

In this episode 7, I meet Amalyah, a young artist, singer, songwriter, composer who has just taken off with her very first album/Ep entitled "Now".

At 25 years of age, Amalyah offers us a nice lesson in perseverance and hope.

This self-taught woman, who built herself up far from music and singing schools, is beginning to see her dream come true after ten years of work, passion, meetings, and doors she dared to knock on to meet others and above all herself.

I loved talking to this young woman, this millennial, inhabited by music, anchored in her art, intuitive and receptive to her world,

Listening to Amalyah reminds us how much is possible, how much heart and work can achieve wonders if they move in the same direction.

I was touched to see first steps of a young woman whose voice will be heard on all the airwaves in a short time I am sure.

She gives us the gift of leaving us at the end of this episode with the song "Sweet Love" from her very first opus or album...



Enjoy your listening. 

To discover amalyah's universe and her first steps, you just have to follow her social networks, Instagram @amalyahmusic,  Twitter ou Facebook .

And as we share the same artistic director - Andrea DKZ @Andreadkz, how not to mention her.


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