Episode 8 - Scheena Donia (Business Coach -Image & Confidence) - "Finding yourself"


Dear Tribe,

In this episode recorded at a distance, I am happy to welcome Scheena Donia, an incredible woman, a big sister, an auntie, a friend to me and so many women, black, African and diaspora around the world. Scheena is above all the first woman of influence to have carried my brand by embodying it as no other had ever done in all its dimension of identity and its African origins.
Scheena is above all a great lady, an accomplished woman in all her dimensions: image and business expert, entrepreneur, consultant, author, scriptwriter, mother of 4 children, ..... There are so many things to say that I prefer to let her introduce herself.

Enjoy your listening. 

To follow Scheena or join her international community, please click here: Scheena Donia (@scheenadonia) • Photos et vidéos Instagram 

And to give you a quick overview, here are the topics we cover:

02:35 Scheena introduces herself

10:35 Her beginnings, plans and ambition

29:43 Her studies & experience in New York

34:10 The return to Gabon and the beginning of the entrepreneurial adventure

47:25 A short anecdote about her first job as a student stewardess

56:50 The decision to dedicate herself to helping others through image consulting

1:05:37 Self-confidence, according to Scheena

1:10:35 Her advice for entrepreneurs

1:22:25 Motherhood and how to reconcile it with your ambition

1:34:10 Moments of doubt, her faith, friends & community

1:41:10 Her definition of personal success

1:43:45 The most important thing for Scheena is to....



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