Episode 32 - Line and Kathrin (co-founders of MONDAY) - "listening to your little voice and doing your best"



Hello everyone, 

In this episode, I invite you to a small paper shop called Lundi in the pretty district of Place Brugmann in Brussels.

Lundi is not just a paper shop, but also a graphic design studio where two women, Line & Kathrin, are always busy working for their customers. One is an experienced architect and the other a graduate textile designer. I could have introduced them as two entrepreneurs and co-founders of Lundi. But these two creative souls who have become graphic designers and artists of their clients' happiness are far removed from such considerations. What really counts for them is the smile of their clients, whether it is by helping them to get organised, by offering them beautiful objects that will accompany them in their daily lives, or simply by creating with them beautiful announcements letters that will mark their happy moments.

What impressed me was the way they worked together with fluidity and complicity. The perfect combination that every entrepreneur or project leader dreams of. I suggest that you settle down with them to better understand the secret of this beautiful harmony between them which is characteristic of this beautiful project that is Lundi.

Enjoy your listening. 

Visit their website to discover their universe:  https://lundilundi.com/

Their Instagram account : @lundi_studio 


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