Episode 40 - Claire De Quenetain (Painter) - " Stay confident ".

Hello everyone, 

In this episode #40, I welcome Claire De Quenetain . She has always been a painter and artist at heart, and it is a great pleasure for her to open the doors of her creative world to us.

It is at her home in Brussels, in the midst of her murals and her drawings on fabrics that we exchanged a black tea with milk and recorded this podcast which I hope will resonate in the hearts of the aspiring artists among you and the others who are listening to us.

In 2015, she created her own brand of furnishing fabrics. Printed in England
on linen and cotton, her work is used for curtains, tapestries and as well as for the realization of cushions, without counting her many collaborations.
In addition, Claire is also developing a practice of mural painting for individuals and architects. In this episode, she talks about finding her place, finding her thing and continuing to grow in her art while preserving some form of balance.
She is a prolific artist, well connected to her values & her essence, who has marked me deeply.
Enjoy your listening.

Her work is available on her website  www.clairedequenetain.com

You can follow her latest work on instagram @alirequenetain



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